All is Calm - All is Bright


Good Morning

Well here I am - still enjoying a winter sunshine break - coastal walks, good books, fine wine - I might never return :)

But I should explain that I was a very busy little bunny before I headed off !! A very nice delivery of goodies arrived - including our Christmas stock.

I thought long and hard about the style of our very first Christmas collection. Looking around at what's mostly in the shops, I guess it tends to come down to cool whites and silvers, glamorous creams and golds or rustic wood and reds.

But in true Natural Calico style, I felt I'd love to combine an element of all three styles with the emphasis on "Natural" !!! My starting point was to have a good rummage in my linen cupboard and when I pulled out this selection of tablecloths and napkins - I decided  "yip" that's our look !!

So it's basically all about mixing linen/natural tones with greys and blues. The linen/naturals add a little warmth to the whites and greys.  And the gorgeous blue ribbon injects just a little colour like so ......

So here's a little taster - if you wander over to our shop, you can find out more.

1. Light, timeless - with more than a touch of Scandi !!!

2. I loooove this fabric ribbon and have stashed a load of it away to use throughout the year !!

3. I have a wee thing about stars !!! Again, I've kept one of these for myself - and it won't be going into the roof space once Xmas is over - I do love being able to use Crimbo stuff throughout the year !!


4. When we lit the tea light, this made me smile - boy do those little doves fly around at a rate of knots !!!

5. Hanging Decorations Even though I wasn't too hot at my piano lessons as a child, none the less, I couldn't resist these very unusual hanging decorations !!

6. This boyo is a real statement piece - sometimes a few big items have more impact than lots of smaller ones - this is definitely another item that would look great throughout the year !!

7. Ashley and I had fun shooting this most unusual advent calendar !! Style wise I think it would look great in a modern or contemporary country setting - possibly for a couple or with teenage kids ..... so that's when we started thinking of ideas to put into the magnetic tins .....

For her - 

For him 

For everyone

For a HUGE surprise - hint hint :) 

Well I think that gives a little bit of a feel for our Crimbo shop - oh and we have a few more goodies on the way so stay tuned !! All is calm - all is bright .......

Marie x