Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus


Introducing Niall - my big brother .....

And boy is he a Martian :)

Good Evening Folks

I don't mean to make you envious - but as this blog wings it's way into Blogtopia, 'yours truly' is watching the sun go down in sunny climes enjoying an ice cold beer !!!!

Now, I might live to regret this - but while I'm away, I am leaving you in the capable hands of my big brother Niall !!!!!!

When I first told him about the Natural Calico blog, he read the first few and asked "is this a big girls club or can blokes join too". Needless to say, I threw down the gauntlet - ie that us girls would love to hear a bloke's perspective on those things that are so dear to our hearts - like cushions and shoes and such like.

So, I'd like to introduce you to Niall - pour yourselves a cuppa and be prepared for something a little different - it made me smile and I hope you enjoy it too :)

Yip - this is me and my big brother :)


Hello, and welcome to the first of my occasional "mental meanderings".

By way of introduction, I have to tell you that I am Niall and I am Marie's brother (older, but definitely smarter, more talented, better looking etc. etc.). When Marie set up her company, she asked me if I might do a wee blog occasionally if she was too busy (!). Translated, of course, that means when she can't be bothered, or when the "blank page"syndrome gets the better of her, and she goes into panic mode as her deadline approaches.

Having read all her "stuff"with avid interest, it did occur to me that a little male balance might not go amiss, so of course, I agreed. Plus she nagged me to the point of distraction until I acceded!

When she told me that she planned to set up her on-line company selling stuff, my first thought was obviously "fantastic, how cool is that?" Actually, to be perfectly honest, that was really my second thought. My first was "please Lord, don't let her sell shoes or my wife will bankrupt me within 6 months!!"

What is it exactly with women and shoes??

Just so you know, I don't just throw these things together off the top of my head. So I want you to know that I did really extensive research into this subject before committing pen to paper (or one finger to keyboard, if you want to be pedantic). Well, when I say "extensive research", I mean I asked my three regular golfing chums how many pairs of shoes they have (15 between the four of us).

Then I took my life in my hands, and went through my wife's wardrobes. I got bored, and gave up, when I got to 30!! And that doesn't even include the boots!

To be perfectly honest, ladies, I can sympathise with the fact that you cannot possibly be seen to wear the same frock, or blouse or whatever, more than once a month, just in case someone remembers and concludes that you must be on your uppers. We chaps definitely have things much easier, especially if we decide that a simple plain white shirt works with everything (not the same one, obviously).

But SHOES? For goodness sake, who notices what shoes you're wearing? I'll tell you for nothing, it definitely ain't blokes. Believe me ladies, blokes are not looking at your shoes when they meet you, and remembering that you wore the same ones, just last week!! What a tramp!!

Yes, all right, I'll concede that you wear more assorted colours than we do, and as such you need a few more different coloured shoes than we do. But really - there's got to be a limit, you know. Just 'cos they're all slightly different styles, do you really need a dozen pairs of black shoes? And just in case the sun shines for more than a week, do you really need a dozen pairs of white ones as well??

I know I used to fall for that old one "What, these old things? I got these ages ago". Then I realised that she may very well have got them ages ago, but she's got so many bleedin' shoes, that 6 months after buying them, she's only now getting around to trying them out!!

So I propose a compromise. I 'll live with all your shoes, if you promise not to give me a hard time on the (very) rare occasions when I have to invest in something REALLY important - a new golf club or two!!

Toodle-oo for now.



Thank you Niall for those wise words - now, away back to your man cave :)

Normal service resumes in a few days with something dear to our girly hearts - Christmas pretties :)

Marie x