Introducing Nicola Baird and her superb Artwork

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Hello There
Well .....  if you've been dipping into our Blog, you will by now have met Stuart and Jillian - today I'd like to introduce you to Nicola - what with Ashley and 'Himself', there's a proper little community growing over here in Natural Calico - and do you know what, I am so loving that aspect of this venture :)
Nicola is a superb artist whose 'core' work explores the landscape around the North coast of Co. Antrim where she lives.
She also happens to be my best friend's niece !! We shot her beautiful period farmhouse for Country Homes and Interiors a while back and that was where I first saw and admired her work.
I promise I will show you more of this gorgeous home - but for now, lets just say as soon as I walked in and took in the subdued calm tones coupled with a little bit of rustic, vintage, contemporary and stunning artwork - I thought ....... me and this girl talk the same language :)
Anyway, I digress, this post is about Nicola's art work !!!
Her core work is essentially for the gallery market - but as we chatted one day about important things like our favourite Farrow and Ball paint - you know how it is :)  ...... I asked if she might perhaps be interested in doing a few pieces specially for Natural Calico. 
Well - long story short - she loved the idea of doing an entirely different range of work for us. I should perhaps explain that her gallery work goes under her maiden name Nicola Nemec and you can see more of that work by visiting her website - link below.
However so as not to confuse the two distinct areas of her work, she will be going under her married name (Nicola Baird) for her Natural Calico pieces.
You will see that there  is a pretty big variety with these pieces - I could see them suiting a wide spectrum of styles and tastes - from Contemporary Country to Vintage chic.
If you wander over to our shop, you will find out a little bit more about this limited collection which Nicola has done exclusively for us - but just to give you a little taster .......

St Cecile

An old painting can add a sense of history and reverence  to a room. St Cecile is ideal for those of us not lucky enough to inherit antique works of art!

Winter Trees

These landscapes have been produced to create the atmosphere of an old faded photograph. Each one is unique due to the process used. The sharp edges of the unframed boards keep it simple and modern.

Boats and Pears

These paintings have been very much influenced by the St.Ives style. They feature understated, graphic shapes. Although the surface of the paintings are smooth, some have a subtle distressed effect to give a weathered feel.
So you will see for yourselves that there is indeed a wonderful cross section of styles here - for me however, the thing that stands out each and every time with all of Nicola's work is a total sense of simplicity and serenity.

White Pears


 Blue Bowl and Pear


Red Sails


Eastern Boat and White Boat

I am a huge fan - I hope you too enjoy these beautiful paintings :)
Marie x
To find out more about Nicola visit