Last of the summer wine


Hi Folks
Now then - I said at the beginning, this blog wouldn't always be about interior style ...... I promise there will be lots about styling and lovely cushions and things but I just thought this one was too good not to share :) Strap yourselves in btw - this is a long one !!

The leaves are beginning to fall and Autumn is easing its' way gently into our lives over here - I love this time of the year - not least that I am back into my favourite boots :) I do have a little weakness for nice boots !!!!

Anyways, out of the blue, we had the most amazing weather last weekend - talk about an Indian summer - unbelievable !!!!

The sun shone and the air was warm and still ....... when the phone rang .... it was one of my best chums ....... "I've had a week from hell, are you in?" ....... I took one look at the laundry mountain, thought about my overflowing email box and said, "of course I'm in - come on over".

Right ........ turn back the clock a little here. When we bought our present home, it needed a huge amount of work including a new roof. Enter Paul - what a brilliant guy - not only did he do a superb job on the roof ...

He even worked out a way to build us a little balcony off our bedroom. During the summer months, it was the most wonderful little spot to enjoy a cuppa and a book ..... Paul is a genius :)

 The garden is a bit of a work in progress btw ......


We're thinking of some sort of wrap around decking - hmmmm  ..... ooops sorry I'm digressing here !!!

Where were we - oh yes ...... when the roof was finished, Himself and I wanted to give Paul a little thank you - possibly a case of wine or beers or whatever .... so I put out discreet feelers to find out what his preferred tipple was. Turned out to be Buckfast and Coke !!!!!!!! Interesting choice but each to their own I say :)

Now then, I'm pretty sure that all my UK and Irish readers will know that Buckfast doesn't exactly have what you'd call a salubrious reputation - to all you other readers further afield - and might I say how lovely it is to have you on board ..... suffice to say that it is sometimes referred to as "Commotion Lotion" !!!

Anyway, with a bit of hunting, I tracked some down - whereupon a box of the stuff was put away for safe keeping under the stairs until he was next in our neck of the woods.

Sooooooo - fast forward - my good chum arrives looking indeed a tad stressed - you know the feeling - "office politics" and a "to do" list that had just become too long - we've all been there !! Anyway I asked - coffee or "fine wine" - bit of a no brainer really given her frazzled state !!!

Only problem was, we'd had friends over the previous weekend and the 'fine wine cupboard' was bare. Now I'm guessing you've worked out what's coming next. Yip - Paul's Buckfast to the rescue!!

Now it's not for me to comment on people's preferred tipple - like I say, each to their own .....but I'm guessing Buckfast wouldn't necessarily spring to mind as a late afternoon aperitif for two girlies in a tranquil suburb !!??

Anyways, not to be deterred, I poured us two generous measures with loads of diet coke, stacks of ice and a little swish of lime - and can I tell you something ......

It is very pleasant !!

Incredibly smooth and sort of caramelly !!

Now I'm not saying I would want more than one or two - bit sweet - but really, it's very nice indeed !!

Soooooo - this is my advice ....

Find an off license that sells it (not all do) whereupon you have two options :-

1 Wear a hoodie and mutter that you're buying it for someone else !! Or

2. Brazen it out and say how it is the latest 'cool' drink amongst the hip and trendies !!!

3. Pick your fave glasses - I chose stumpy French ones

4. Swish lime around the rim of the glass, add loads of ice, diet coke and squeeze more lime into it

5. Set out a little dish of olives

Voila !!!

So there we sat ........ she talked ....... I listened and nodded sympathetically. ...... sipping our "Bucky n' Coke" - the air was still; the gentle Autumn sun dipped behind the trees - all was good in the world ....... after an hour or two, off she trundled home - relaxed, happy and muttering things like - "if they don't at least bring their dirty laundry to the washing machine, it ain't getting washed".


Marie x
PS       I have a little tip to share with you btw - add a couple of things to your "to do" list that you've already done just so as you can score them out - the list looks sooooo much better with things scored out - a cunning plan don't you think :)
PPS     Coming up soon ...... I'll be introducing the new members of "Team Calico" along with some lovely new stock !!!