Fade to Grey ..... and the beauty of crisp white bedding


Hello there

Today, I thought I'd chat a little about crisp white bed linen - something that is dear to my heart !! And also the very subtle differences a few little styling tweaks can make.

If you look in my linen cupboard, the bedding is all white - after a long day, I like nothing better than to have a long soak in the bath and climb into a freshly changed bed - and for me personally, white bedding is hard to beat.

Himself and I rented a holiday apartment a while back - the duvet set was black in a nasty synthetic fabric - and do you know, I didn't sleep well at all ...... I reckoned it was being surrounded with all that black !!!!!! Just horrible !!!!

Now the one thing I don't love is ironing large cotton duvet sets - yet, I admit, I do like a bed to look crisp and fresh. Soooooo - what I tend to do is simply tumble dry the duvet set and put it straight onto the bed - and you know what, it's actually lovely and comfy when it hasn't been ironed - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :) But then what I do is quickly throw a white cotton bedspread over the top.

Ok, this is how I figure it - to iron a large duvet set properly takes approx 10 minutes - to throw a bedspread on top takes approx 30 seconds each day - multiply that by 7 and it comes out at approx 3 minutes per week - so a cunning plan don't you think :)

Right - having created your crisp white blank canvas with lovely white bedding, the next step is to play around with a little bit of styling to suit your own taste and the style of your bedroom - the fun bit !!!

Sooooooo to demonstrate the point, I styled the same bed three different ways when shooting our latest stock.

Do you ever do those 'spot the difference' competitions ?? Well it's a little like that !!

With the first one, I felt that the spotty throw had a slightly more feminine look - so I teamed that with a white lamp, pink flowers and a white linen script cushion.

For the second one, I felt the pinstripe throw and cushions suited a slightly more tailored look - so I changed the lamp to a more sophisticated one, introduced splashes of yellow and used two scatter cushions rather than one.

For the third one, the darker shades of grey felt a little bit more 'urban' to me so I changed the lamp to an anglepoise one and switched the flowers to dried branches and pussy willow.


Same thing only different !!!!! Very slight changes - but they do convey a subtly different look and feel.

The white bedspreads and pillow shams are available in our shop

And the beautiful Woolen throws and cushions shall be available for sale next week.

Whatever your style of bedroom, and whatever your personal taste, my advice is always think of it as a little sanctuary and make it as comfortable and tranquil as possible.

Have fun fluffing your cushions - ah sure, it keeps us girls happy :)

Marie x