'Read all about it' .....and a little bit of 'room envy' too........


Good evening folks

I still find myself thinking - we've now been 'live' for whatever number of days ...... does anyone else remember being asked what age you were as a little child - it was sooooo important to be precise !!!  I seem to recall being "five and three quarters" for a very long time !! That three quarters seemed extremely important back then :) Oh how times have changed :)

Anyway - we are now exactly three weeks old today !!

Many thanks to our leading paper over here for the lovely feature.


In the first blog, I said our" look"  here in Natural Calico is crisp, simple and timeless. In the Look Book - and indeed the shop itself - I hope to show how those style elements can translate across a fairly wide spectrum of tastes and styles.

From this superb home office owned by a Dublin Architect which we shot for a leading publication.


To this feminine but totally unfussy bedroom in Surrey - which we also shot for a popular interior magazine.

To find out more about these beautiful rooms, be sure to wander over to our Look Book !!

Things are a tad hectic here in Natural Calico right now - but we shall be shooting lots of gorgeous new stock at the weekend. Watch this space.

Marie x

Ps : I think a few folk experienced problems commenting on earlier blogs - 'Himself' says it's sorted hopefully  !!