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For all sorts of reasons, I have been thinking about Italy lately - it's one of my all time favourite places where we have been lucky enough to do both magazine and commercial work over the years.

A particularly memorable shoot for us was when we worked on the stunning Pianciano homes near Spoletto in Umbria. Breathtaking is all I can say !!!There are four of these homes - all converted farm buildings - owned by the very charming Claudia and Francesco Bachetoni.They are all available to rent.

There were several days shooting involved here - it takes an entire day to shoot a home to this level.  Ashley reminded me of the day I sat on the floor to study the screen and was so exhausted, I couldn't get up. Tired but a 'nice tired' if you know what I mean :)

If you love old rustic Italian homes with a true sense of history - beautifully restored with integrity, then pour yourself a coffee or better still a glass of Prosecco - sit back for a few minutes, chill and escape to an enchanting world :)

Be sure to listen to the music - it is both haunting and captivating !!  

We have more of these YouTube videos, so watch this space :) 

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I hope you enjoy.

Marie x

To find out more about renting these homes, here is the link ............Pianciano