Introducing Stuart and his charming artwork

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Evening All

You might have spotted the original artwork in our shop – all of which has been done by our very good friend Stuart McNamara.

Stuart has worked with Ashley and me on various shoots over the last 10 years. We all get on really well  – especially over a couple of beers at the end of a hectic day!!

As well as homes, we shoot hotels and there are times when we feel that a shot would suit having a person in them to add personality – on occasion, Stuart obligingly puts on his swanky duds and becomes a ‘hotel guest’ - like here in Castle Leslie … what a fabulous place that is btw !!


Or here in The Abbey Hotel

He's a dab hand at posing with a newspaper :) Surprisingly tricky believe it or not !!

He does sometimes get to enjoy the occasional pint - all in the interests of creating warmth and ambience - ahem :)

This image was taken in Mount Juliet - we all thoroughly enjoyed working there and I shall no doubt tell you more about it. A very beautiful and special place!!

Stuart and me 'hard at work' - once again in Mount Juliet.

Anyway  … I digress ….. this post is about Stuart's artwork  !!!

Not only is he a talented photographer, he is also a very unique and gifted painter too.  It was only when I was in his home one day and admired a painting that he very modestly explained it was one he had done. So when we decided to launch Natural Calico I asked him if he would be interested in doing some paintings for us – to which he replied he’d love to and not long after, he emailed me this comical picture of himself about to get stuck in :)


I love the way Stuart’s paintings reflect his brilliant sense of humour – his animals have a glint in their eye that suggests they have “attitude”  ……


'White Hare'

And his ‘people’ are so incredibly diverse and quirky such as …..

'The Clarinet Player'


'Deep in Thought'

I have a few of his paintings in my own home and they just make me smile every time I look at them.

He tells me he has just completed a couple more – can’t wait to see them – I never know what quirky character will appear next.

Several of Stuart's paintings are already sold - if there are any that you are interested in, please do let us know. 

Marie x