A Shirley Valentine Moment

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Good Morning Folks
As I sit here tapping away, looking out at grey skies, I decided to cheer myself up with a little trip down memory lane.

Yip, that's "yours truly" enjoying her very own Shirley Valentine moment :) Looking a tad chunky around the derrière I'm afraid !! And as for those sturdy arms – well, lets not even go there – I reckon I’d put any shot putter to shame !!
Don't get me wrong, I love living in Ireland and couldn't ever see myself living anywhere else - but the climate does leave a lot to be desired - there's a reason why we have those 40 shades of green - and it's called rain unfortunately.
Anyway, a few years back, Ashley and I were asked if we'd consider shooting a holiday home in a quiet little corner of Crete - the owner had bought a few new builds there and planned to either sell or rent them. I think it took us all of 10 seconds, to say "yes please, how soon do you want us" :)
When the owner sent us through the "recce" images, I could see we'd need to be creative to somehow weave a little bit of Greek magic ...... the houses were clearly very comfortable but had no 'features' as such -  and with modern oak furniture and leather sofas, they didn't really say Greece somehow.
When we work abroad, we generally travel overland because of all the camera gear and my styling "pruck" – but in this case, we had to fly and therefore had to really limit ourselves with what we could bring. It’s amazing what you can squeeze into a ruck sack !!
After we'd done our thing with lighting and styling, the room I was most pleased with is this little bedroom ......

I'd seen the huge muslin canopies the previous year when we were on holidays in Key West and asked the inn owner where she'd bought them. So I ordered one - all the way from Florida - and was delighted when it arrived just in time for our trip. It instantly gave an otherwise plain room a lovely dreamy quality. I then added splashes of strong blue with cushions, flowers and a throw for depth and colour. I still have that canopy and always thought it would look great in a period home with painted floorboards and a big chandelier... just waiting for the right period home.

As well as interior shots, we took some outdoor images to capture the feel of the little town .....

Hmmmmm - wish I was there right now :)

I do love Greek food - yum !!

I'm partial to a wee drop of the local brew too :)

The flowers there are so pretty against those blue blue skies

And the little churches are beautiful in their simplicity

Anyway - enough of my dreaming........ time to get back to work ...... that said, I might just check out holiday offers for Greece before I start... well, I am only looking.... aren't I !!!

By the way, that little table has my name on it ....
Marie x