Grain sack fabric

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Hello There
Is it just me or does everyone get that lovely feeling when you finally track down something you've been looking for and then, when it arrives, it's even better than you thought !!!

 "Himself" (husband) gets excited when new "golf bats" arrive. Me, a little delivery of some very old grain sack fabric is all I need for that warm fuzzy feeling - I know .... I need to get out more :)

I'd seen a picture in a magazine of a chair made up from vintage grain sacks and thought – wow !! So I decided to try my hand at something similar.
Sooooooo after much earnest searching, I finally tracked down exactly what I was looking for. Said fabric arrived and was every bit as knobbly and vintagey and just as fab as I'd hoped. Most of this fabric is linen or hemp and tends to be roughly 60 or more years old. 
It's hand woven and comes mainly from France and Central Europe. I could go on... you see, it really is my favourite thing at the minute!
Having admired it thoroughly, off I trundled to my wonderful upholster Robert - I'd decided to get it made up into a biggish footstool - one that would double as a coffee table. And here it is ....
The grain sack comes in quite narrow widths so it needed joined - but to me, that's all part of the unique charm of it all.
For the legs, I kept them quite bleached and natural looking ....

So there you go ladies - our very first piece of Natural Calico furniture, made from vintage grain sack fabric. I was very tempted to keep it myself - but I already have a perfectly good coffee table so I've been good and it's available in our shop !!
Another delivery has just arrived - this time with a red stripe - so watch this space !!
Take Care
Marie x