Quilted Jackets, Comfy Sneakers and Jack Daniels .......


Hi Troops

Now with a title like this, I'm guessing you will have worked out that there aren't going to be an awful lot of interior tips in this post. Much as I am passionate about interior styling, even I need a little break from it from time to time :)

Right - a few of my buddies teased me about the bottle of Jack Daniels in the last post ...... well you see, it was this shot that I spotted on Pinterest that inspired me ....

I love the impact of the label - in fact, I love any form of authentic signage ....... so I had a rummage in the drinks cupboard and unearthed a bottle .... now the only thing is, I think the lamp needs a bigger size of bottle - so I might need to buy more of the stuff !! So when my chums call round for a coffee, they will be offered large tumblers of JD - even if it's only 10.00 in the morning !!!!  ..... I jest of course - but I am rather feeling like the little lad in the Fairy adverts waiting for the empty bottle to make a space ship :)

Quilted Coats

Like the 'world and his granny', I have a knee length quilted coat - but I do also like to have a shorter one for jumping in and out of the car and going for walks ..... only problem was that the zip kept sticking on my old one - a tad embarrassing when I had to struggle out of it like Houdini !!

Anyways I was walking my well trodden path to the food hall in our local M&S - when out of the corner of my eye, I spied a rail of padded jackets that looked just the ticket ...

And do you know what ladies, it is brilliant quality and very comfy .... and for £45, I think it is great VFM. It even has cosy fleece linings in the pockets !!


I bought my first ever Sketchers in America over 15 years ago and wore them forever. Then when they brought out "Go Walks" I decided to try them out .... I had been having a little bit of knee pain - and do you know what, I reckon the Sketchers really helped - especially for photoshoots when we are on our feet for long periods .... it's almost like they are "shock absorbers" .....

I like the way you can now buy trainers that are more like sneakers - lots of support and comfort but still look good with jeans etc ...... so I really liked the new selection in the Sketcher shop.

Plus, I do like the present trend for wearing casual sportswear when you're busy and dashing about - I guess it's just a case of finding your own version - cant really see me in skin tight lycra legins somehow - those days are long gone !!! I tend to prefer Gap jogging bottoms - and they have just brought out a lovely new range that are both flattering and comfy ...... so I guess my fave "look" is like so :-

Bit more preppy in a way - pity I don't have lovely swishy preppy hair to go with it :(

Right I'm off - there's a bottle of JD to be tackled here ..... I jest :)

Oh and by the way, there will be soooo many stunning interior images in my next post, you will be dizzy .... watch this space !!!

Take Care

Marie x


PS: This is not a sponsored post for either M&S or Sketchers.