Because you're worth it .........


Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Himself and I headed off to The Reef (our little place in Tenerife) for 10 days shortly before Christmas - we've done this a few times - and do you know what - it's lovely to shorten the endless lead up ..... and then, when we come home, it's really nice to get stuck into the festivities ..... we enjoyed exploring "new" parts of the island - more on this to follow.

This time of year is all about spending precious time with family and friends - but most blog followers tend to "dip into" them as part of a little bit of "me time" - so what the heck - I thought I'd share some of the lovely treats I personally enjoyed over the last week or so .......

Favourite Read

This one had been on my list for ages - I thoroughly enjoyed it !! Quite dark/gothic in places ..... and my word, it captured Barcelona beautifully !!

 Favourite Movie

Again, this one had been on my list for a while - superb ...... well worth the many awards and accolades !!

 Favourite Tipple

Discovered this yummy hooch in good ole M&S  -  Espresso Martini ..... deeelish !!

 Favourite TV

'Snow Chick': Penguin's Tale

Oh My...... as well as being visually stunning, boy did it pull at the heart strings ..... if that little chick hadn't made it, I'd have had to get stuck into the Espresso Martini's ..... but thankfully all turned out well and the Martini was safe :) 

Favourite Music

Himself treated me to a Sonos music system for my birthday a couple of months ago - the beauty is that you can start with one speaker and build it up - the 'streamed' music selection on Deezer is amazing across all genres !! Anyway, my Crimbo prezzy was a large speaker for the sitting room .... so that's the whole house covered now .... crikey -  talk about a "Disco in Da House" - hee hee !! 

Favourite Perfume

Floral perfumes don't really suit me - my personal faves veer more towards aftershaves in a way ...... anyway, I discovered this one a few years ago and it remains my absolute favourite of all time ..... earthy/leather/woody - yet not too heavy ..... I have never worn a perfume that has been admired so much !! :)

Well folks - I hope you too managed some lovely "me time" treats ..... as those nice Mister L'Oreal people would say ... "Because You're Worth It" :)

With warmest wishes for a happy, peaceful and healthy 2016 !!

Take Care

Marie xx