Lots of Lovely New Stock ...... and Cyprus Avenue


Hi Folks

I hope all is good with you these fine days.

I have lots to tell you about in relation to recent magazine and hotel shoots - it's been kind of busy lately in this neck of the woods !!

But for now, I am delighted to show you some of our new Autumn range. It's funny mind you - when you love neutrals, as I do - you don't actually feel the need to make any major distinction between the seasons - as the evenings become cooler, I simply add a few extra throws to the sofa, light a few candles and switch on the lamps - and even those simple little things make a room feel more cosy and Autumnal !!

Anyway - here goes .... to find out more about each product, just wander over to our shop ....


We do love our cushions here is Nat Cal land ....

Grey cable knit by Lene Bjerre

White cable knit by Lene Bjerre

Duck egg knit - nice for a little gentle accent colour and texture

Grey zig zag - really nice stitching detail - a liitle bit of yellow works so well with grey !!

Grey tree of life - ditto as zig zag !!!


And well erm - yes, we love our throws too !!! ....

Grey cable throw by Lene Bjerre - fab texture !!!

Grey lambswool checked throw - soft, sophisticated, Urban/Country....

 Seed boxes

We received a huge number of enquiries about the herb and seed boxes we used to stock. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any more - but I was delighted to spy these ones on a recent buying trip ...

 Large box

Small box

I couldn't resist these little boxes on the same trip ...


I also loved these perpetual calendars - they are both stylish and useful !!

Bloc calendar

Abacus calendar

A big thank you to Stuart for the beautiful photography as always !!

Cyprus Avenue .... Van Morrison

Did any of you see Van the Man celebrating his 70th birthday in Cyprus Avenue !!! I was so disappointed to have missed it :(

Anyway - when we were renovating our present home, we rented a house just a few yards from Cyprus Avenue - it really is a beautiful spot ...


...... with some seriously gorgeous homes ....


Well anyway - at that time, Himself was having a bit of back problem and went to the local Physio - a few days later he happened to mention that Van the Man was in the waiting room. So I asked - "what did you chat about - did he seem nice - what was he wearing " ..... you know the sort of things us ladies are interested in  ..... not being nosy or anything - just building up the picture as it were :)

So the reply from Himself went along these lines ..... "we didn't chat - sure everyone knows that he's a very private person ..... and I haven't a clue what he was wearing" 

Hmmmm ..... Women Men Mars Venus !!!

Over and Out

Marie x

PS: To be confirmed later today - but there is a strong chance that I'll be doing some urgent packing for a working road trip to Italy in a couple of days - shooting a recently refurbished boutique hotel in Umbria ....... fingers crossed it comes together - driving through France and Italy - roads not too busy, not too hot, leaves beginning to turn - the very thought of it pleases me muchly :)

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