Another Beautiful Irish Thatched Cottage .......


Hi Everyone

First off - thank you all for the many lovely emails and comments about the last post - ie a very old Donegal thatched cottage. I gather you enjoyed seeing the transformation :) That one is bursting with character and rustic/period charm - we shot it for a major Period publication.

Coincidently, a few days later we shot another thatched cottage - holy smoke !!! ...... it's like buses .... you wait for ever for one and two come along at once :)

Anyway - this second one is unbelievably pretty -  less rustic in many ways than the Donegal one ...

Postcard Pretty !!

Living Room - and creating a focal point .....

I had a good idea what the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom were like but didn't know what to expect in the living room .... so the owner kindly took a quick snap ....

The owners are a lovely young couple with two children and a growing business - life is busy and they pretty much live in a cosy family room ..... by their own admission, they haven't quite got around to adding all the finishing touches to this room.

One of the key things when shooting a living room for a magazine is to ensure that there is a focal point in the middle of the room ..... and that's why we sometimes end up bringing coffee tables or footstools for shoots.

Luckily I had one in the store which I felt would suit - and after our usual 'pushing and shoving', lighting and styling .....  voila !!!  ...... 


People often ask me do I bring much to magazine photoshoots .... the answer is that it varies .... but this isn't unusual at all .....

Owners love seeing what we do - it helps them to see their home with fresh eyes and gives them ideas and inspiration ..... it truly is amazing how you can quickly transform a room with throws, cushions and flowers !!


The main bedroom is sooooo pretty !!

The owner already had some lovely Cath Kidston bedding - so I simply added extra layers to create depth for the shot ..... and erm, yes ......  we also completely repositioned the bed !!! It normally faces the window - but the ideal bedroom shot shows both the headboard and a window if possible.


Hats off to Ashley for this one .....

I absolutely love this bathroom - but with such a tiny window - it is very very dark !! That gorgeous shafty sunshine you see is approx 7k worth of photographic lighting outside the window - trust me folks, that is a serous amount of lighting gear !! The owner had left out lovely towels in mostly dark shades - but to give Ashley a fighting chance and help reflect light back into the room, I decided to introduce loads of white - and yes, I do think that had a big impact in creating what was a very tricky shot. We have been doing this work together for around 14 years - so I guess we have kind of sussed out what is needed to create beautiful magazine shots :)


We didn't actually get perfect weather on the day - but this cottage is so beautiful, Ashley didn't mind going back the following day to capture the pretty exterior in sunshine ....


Well folks, I hope you enjoyed a little insight into the behind the scenes of a magazine shoot :)

Coming up soon - the next two homes coincidently are both 'mid century mod' - followed by a very funky one - followed by a very striking architectural one in County Clare ...... crikey, we're going to be busy !!! :) But I do so love variety ..... it being "the spice of" .....  as they say !!! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Take Care


Marie x