Sometimes I style a little - and sometimes I style a lot !!! ......


Hi All

We've been very busy lately with magazine shoots - and I just thought you might enjoy a sneak peek of one we shot a few days ago.

I love working on really old rustic homes - it's that amazing contrast of crisp white linens against seriously old architecture - with beautiful lighting, the images almost take on the feel of the "Old Masters" ..... to this day, my favourite magazine work was when we shot some wonderful old rustic homes in Italy and France.

So, when the opportunity presented itself to shoot a VERY old Irish Cottage, we decided to give it a go ..... I knew it would need a serious amount of styling - but it was only when we walked in that I could see just how hard we would have to work to make it magazine worthy !! .....

Anyway - here goes ....

The Attic Bedroom

Crikey - where do I start ??? Deep breath - keep thinking of an old Provencal farmhouse .... and this is what it looked like after some seriously hard work .....

Lots of vintage linen, crisp bedding - and stunning lighting by Ashley .... first one in the bag and a big sigh of relief all around ..... this shoot was going to work !! :)

The Living Room


Another challenge !!


More vintage linen !! Kind of ethereal in a way .......

The Sofa


Hmmmm - a magazine shot ??? Perhaps not !!! :)


Natural Calico cushions and loads of flowers to the rescue !!

The Kitchen


This cottage is the' real deal' - authentic in every way - but where do we start with this one ??


It was only when we repositioned the table and I covered it in vintage linen cloths that this shot started to come together .... once again, it's that striking contrast of "old" and fresh whites !!

The Second Bedroom


Another one that needed a bit of work !!!


Thank goodness I had a load of Natural Calico throws and cushions handy :)

And to finish off - perhaps my favourite shot of the day ...


I don't deny - a shoot like this isn't for the faint hearted - it took a huge amount of effort on the styling front ..... and with all that dark wood and those tiny windows, most photographers would have run a mile - but, as always, Ashley excelled himself !!!

And at the end of it all, we enjoyed a glass of well deserved Guinness in front of a cosy fire - tired but pleased with what we had achieved.

It's a wrap !!


Marie x