Oooh La La .... Castles in the Sky ..... and Natural Calico Orders


Bonjour Mes Amis

Just a quick one for now - we have more stock coming up - including new artwork by Stuart. Things are a wee bit hectic here right now but we will try to get our new stock onto the site over the coming weeks !! But in the mean time .....

Oooh La La

Ashley and I are just back from shooting a fab apartment in Dublin ..... I genuinely love the sheer variety of homes we shoot for magazines - it could be an ultra contemporary house one week, a country cottage the next, a starter home the next ..... all that we, and ultimately of course, what the Editors look for - is that the owner has added a little bit of creative flair and individuality to their home.   

This Dublin one, which is owned by a verrrrry stylish French girl, has creative flair in bucket loads!! I was totally in my element styling her apartment using her fab collection of bags and shoes ..... and yes ladies, that is indeed an original vintage YSL bag you see :)

Castles in the Sky

We also shoot hotels and seem to have built up a reputation for working on Irish Castles. We have shot some amazing Castles over the years including Ashford, Dromoland, Castle Leslie to name but a few ...... anyway, on the way back from Dublin, we were invited to meet the owner of four wonderful Castles about future photoshoots .....  this is just a quick recce shot of one to enable us to think about the best angles etc etc ..... ain't it fab :)

Natural Calico Orders 

We have been a little bit snowed under following our home feature in Country Homes and Interiors  - more on that later ..... many thanks to all our lovely existing customers for your sweet comments and to our new customers who have just discovered us following the feature.

It sounds like a lot of you have particularly fallen in love with our collection of beautiful Lene Bjerre goodies - including ....



Striped cushions


Olive trees 


These are just a few favourites that are flying out the door at the minute !!! All of which, style wise are verrrry Nat Cal :)

I hope a certain young lady (a new customer) won't mind me relaying this - it made me smile .....

"I'm so excited about receiving my order. I'm just relieved I live nowhere near your shop or I would be in all sorts of trouble. I just love everything with numbers or writing and your things are to die for"

Right folks that's it from me for another week.

Au Revoir

Marie x


OR ......  perhaps on this occasion I should sign off with my full name which is - wait for it .... Marie-Therese !! Complete with an acute and a grave over the "e" s - but I couldn't quite figure out how to find those on my key board :)