Yes ..... we do have sunshine in Ireland - sort of !!!


G'day Folks

Things have been 'a lil bit busy' in this neck of the woods of late !!

Hotel Photoshoot

Sooooo - off we trundled to Killarney for a major hotel shoot where one of the main shots on their wish list was to capture their lovely new outdoor terrace area. 

Obviously we were all hoping for decent weather for this shot - but with it being Ireland, sunshine aint a given .....

The guys immediately started setting up lighting so that we could at least give the illusion of sun shine ...


Meanwhile all eyes were on the computer screen ... we always shoot to laptop btw.


The lights made a massive difference - especially to the covered area -  but with a shot like this, there is simply nothing to beat a blue sky.

We stopped for a quick coffee and lo and behold, a tiny little patch of blue appeared ..... so we waited and we waited while that little patch grew and grew ...

Patience is indeed a virtue .... and thankfully we were able to produce a fab shot that will enable the hotel to promote their new terrace. 

A big thank you to John and all the team in the Killarney Park Hotel for making us feel so welcome - it was nice shoot all around.

Magazine Photoshoot

Some of you might have picked up that we are stepping up our magazine work a little.

I know that the world has gone digital - but it is clear that us ladies still do like to relax over a coffee with a lovely magazine !!

Anyway - we recently shot a beautiful Victorian town house in County Down. There is nothing to beat the sheer elegance of high ceilings and period features ...

Again a big thank you to Eleanor and Stephen for inviting us to shoot their beautiful home.

If you are interested in having your home featured in a leading publication, this is our website  :-

Meanwhile back at the ranch, we have a little bit of excitement in Nat Cal land ...... our own home appears in the July issue of Country Homes and Interiors ...... more on that shortly, but this gives a little taster of what to expect.


Well, I think that's all from me for now folks.

Take Care

Marie x