KitKat Chunky and All Sorts (not the liquorice type) .......


Hi All

Hope all is good with you nice folks.

As the title suggests, there's a little bit of everything in this post :)

KitKat Chunky

I'm not really a car person - my top priorities are good storage (I always seem to have sooooo much bloomin' stuff to load and unload) ...... a good heater and a music system are also important ..... and well, ummm, that's about it really !!!!

Anyway when my last wagon was at pension stage, I spent a little bit longer than usual looking around the show room and spotted one that I thought had a nice little touch of "funkiness" about it. It's called a Kia Soul ...


Mine is a chocolate brown colour with sort of Mulberry style check seats - perhaps it was the decor that caught my eye - ahem :) :) I think it might have been a "special edition"  because you don't see many brown ones about - which is all very well - but it means I can't get away with anything !!!!! .... eg "was that you Marie I saw in the MacDonalds drive-in queue" etc etc etc .... I was only buying a 'coffee to go' honestly ..... and, well ok then, the MacFlurry was really just to keep the energy levels up - truly !!!

Welllllllll, said brown wagon quickly became known as the KitKat Chunky in this household - abbreviated to "The Chunky".

It has served me well and I was amazed when notification arrived to say it was due its' first MOT - it's things like that which make you realise how time just disappears !!! It's true what they say - life is indeed for living. Blimey ...... fancy getting philosophical over an MOT notice - moving quickly on .......

Soooooo - off me and The Chunky tootled to the MOT centre - me being the only female amidst rows of blokes getting their wagons MOT'd too - why is that I wonder - do a lot of girls rope in a male to do it for them ???? You know how you read that 'singles' should go to supermarkets late at night to meet their dream partners - well, I reckon there could be a very good dating hot spot in MOT centres :)

But why oh why did my brain turn to mush ??? How on earth do you switch on  the rear fog lights ???? And when the nice MOT  bloke asked me to put the brakes on, I put my foot on the clutch - I swear !!!! Anyway, me and The Chunky "passed" with flying colours so that's it for another year :)

"Dance like no one is watching"

I do like a few silver bangles upon my person - and I do enjoy the occasional "bop" - so when a friend gave me this bangle as a lil prezzy, I was soooo chuffed :) 

Love it :)

Toe Stops

I really like toe stops but struggle to find ones that are comfy ...... I think these Clarks ones are going to do the trick though !!!! 

I'll give them 'a go' outside shortly - but so far so good !!!

A Traditional Country Photoshoot

We had a lovely day during the week shooting a really beautiful country home near Strangford Lough ..... a big thanks to Lesley for inviting us to shoot her home and for her warm hospitality ...... she and her husband put heart and soul into their home and it is a true credit to them ....

This summer house is a recent addition ....

Couldn't you just spend a lovely few hours curled up with a good books and cuppa here ...

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I must admit I love the simplicity of this image - it has a little touch of mid century but in a very subtle way ...... the original 20's linen chair, althought not on the site,  is available to buy - drop me a note if you are interested.

Lovely Lene Bjerre pots and things in this one .....

And lots of lovely Lene Bjerre rugs in this one - they are fab I think !!


This is another of my fave images - I am so lucky to work with both Stuart and Ashley - they are both superb photographers.

We are sold out of a few things in this image but a delivery is due in.

Well folks, I think I've wittered on long enough for now.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Take Care

Marie x

PS I don't mind the occasional Liquorice All Sort btw - bit sweet though ...... the beady ones are my faves !!!