"When it's spring again .... tulips from Amsterdam" ..... da da dee dum dee da .....


Hi All

I hope you're all enjoying Spring - even if it isn't in Amsterdam :)

I love the "shoulder seasons" - Spring in particular .......  it's a time to refresh and rejuvenate - and even if you don't feel like doing a full spring clean ( I know - it can be darned hard work !!!)  ..... what could be easier than throwing open the windows and filling the house with lots of lovely flowers !!!!!

In a recent blog, I showed an image of moi holding a large bunch of white tulips ...... and yes, realistic as they seem, they are indeed faux !!

Many thanks for all the enquiries about them btw ..... well, I'm delighted to say, they are now on the site and available to buy.

Faux flowers used to have a slightly dodgy reputation - back in the day,most were bright and garish and a million miles from the real McCoy !! Is it just me or can any of you recall hideous plastic roses in the front window of iffy looking B&B's with net curtains ????? 

But the quality of "good" silk flowers has improved beyond recognition !! When styling homes for magazine shoots, I would have been totally lost at times without my stash of top class faux flowers. 

It goes without saying that for most of us, real flowers are our preference - but the reality is that few of us can fill our homes with fresh flowers - and that's where faux flowers can come in very handy - PROVIDED you choose carefully (some are great - some less so) ; place them in nice containers and arrange them if needed. Don't be afraid to trim the stems and bend them a bit !!!

We will be introducing more faux flowers over the coming weeks and I'll chat a little bit more about all of that - ie how best to make them look as realistic as possible.

Meanwhile, I think these tulips are excellent - the thing that appealed to me is that the leaves "droop" in a realistic way ...... 

 I love that they can be "dressed up" a little in a stylish glass vase ... as with real tulips, I tend to choose containers and vases that "submerge" the tulips by about three quarters.


 Or "dressed down" in country style containers .....


They come in bunches of six ...

 All in all, I think these little tulips are beautifully simple yet versatile ....... they need virtually no arranging - and unlike some faux flowers, the stems look fine in glass vases ...... so I guess its a case of finding your own style and just do your own thing with them .......


Well, that's all from me for now folks.


I have a hunch that at least some of you are humming a certain song right now - it kind of sticks in your mind doesn't it :)


Take Care

Marie x