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Hi Folks

I mentioned before that we would be launching our very own range of luxury candles and diffusers ...... well - here they are :)  .....

Now then - scented candles .... where do I start ????

Am I the only person who can recall growing up where the only candles in the house were kept in the back of a drawer for power cuts ??? :) :)

But life moves on - and when a raft of lovely scented candles appeared in the shops, our homes started smelling of freshly baked cookies, mown grass and such like .....

And just when we had got used to those - another very different type of candle came into our lives - based in some ways on expensive perfumes and body lotions ...... exquisitely wrapped in boxes you never want to throw out ..... you know the sort I'm sure :)

Sooooo - when the opportunity presented itself for us to design our very own luxury candles and diffusers - something that would complement and capture the very essence of Nat Cal - well, how could I resist :)

I decided to compile a small range with three perfumes which I think are right for our particular style and look .......  all three are available in both candles and diffusers. Here goes .....

Lemon Vetiver Cedar and Oakmoss


You can find out more product information on the site - but for now, I just want to give a "flavour" of the perfumes.

If you love expensive unisex perfumes - or even perfumes that stop just short of aftershaves, then I think this one ticks all the boxes.

To me this is a very contemporary scent - subtle, expensive, understated - I love it !! I think it would suit most styles of homes - and be good for both day time and nights.

I sometimes read about diffusers being a bit disappointing in that the scents don't permeate the room - but these are top class - if anything, you might even want to remove a couple of the reeds when placed in a smallish area !!

The candles are made from the finest of ingredients and have a 46 hour burn time .....

Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time selecting gorgeous, yet simple boxes, labelling and simple charcoal ribbon - hopefully something that anyone would love to receive as a present - or why not  just indulge yourself !!!

White Calico


This is the only floral one of the three - it too is unique and distinctive -  not overly sweet or cloying. Think of clouds of soft musks, lemon and patchouli oil with a hint of vanilla ....

I see this one working beautifully in a home with soft light decor - filled with white flowers .......

Tuscan Leather and Thyme

This one is perhaps the most unusual of the three and I couldn't resist it :) My all time favourite perfume is Bottega Veneta - not least because it captures the very essence of their stunning leather handbags - who doesn't love the smell of expensive leather luggage :)


Style wise, yes, I could absolutely see this one in a "cabin chic" setting - you know the style - old leather chairs and gorgeous plaid cushions with little polo players on the labels - cosy fire, candles etc !!!!! But our home is actually very light and neutral and I love the unexpected depth this one emits ...... it's fab.

So there you have it folks - a little something unique and special to Nat Cal.

Our working trip to Killarney went very well - Kerry is a really beautiful part of the world - we are due to go back down again for weather dependant shots ..... we might even get to see a little of the famous Ring of Kerry. I have a picture in the family album taken there of my big brother Niall and me (he who writes the pithy blogs for us) - little kids standing in the pouring rain - skinny wee legs in baggy shorts, both of us proudly wearing our brand new Aran sweaters - not a good look :) :)

I had fun compiling the present home page - it's monochrome for a little change .... but still very NC in essence  -  I think it shows that our look and style is quite versatile ...  and it also shows that blacks and whites needn't necessarily be cold and overly masculine.


I'm loving this new applique cushion we've just added to our collection. The white and charcoal pre-washed linen cushions in this image are our own new NC ones which we hope to introduce next week.

And these stags head coat hooks (also featured on our new home page) are so striking I think ...


Well folks, I think that's about all for now from me. 

Take Care

Marie x