"Living Life Simply" ..... coming soon - and other stuff ......


Hi All

I hope all is good with you fine folk - me, I'm writing this in the most south westerly corner of Ireland ..... Ashley and I are working in Killarney (hotel work ) - a truly beautiful part of the world !!

We've been keeping busy with magazine work too - and here is just  a little sneak peak of one we have just recently shot for 25 Beautiful Homes ......

Many thanks to Megan for making us feel so welcome. She has huge flair and I loved what she did with her gorgeous home.

Templeton Robinson (a leading Estate Agent over here) very kindly asked if I'd like to do another window display - sorry for the awful picture taken with my mob ...


I had lots of pleasant chit chat with the girls there when I was putting it together and was really pleased to hear that it is proving popular. I think it's a really innovative thing for any Estate Agent to do !!

And lastly, Stuart and I worked our wee socks off at the weekend shooting a load of new stock for Nat Cal. I had mentioned our own luxury candles and diffusers in a previous blog -  so we shot those in all their simple elegant glory :) We hope to have them on the site within the week ......

Lots and lots of cushions coming up too - including our own branded ones in pre-washed linen ...... I couldn't source what I was looking for at the recent Trade Show I attended in London - so to heck, I decided to do our own :)

Some other bits and bobs - including silk flowers ...... in particular, some very realistic white tulips. I love the "relaxed casual" look of tulips but it can be so disheartening when they droop after a couple of days. Anyway, I love this banner image that Stuart designed for our home page ......


It was his idea to take a shot of moi holding the tulips - only problem was that it was a grey miserable day so the exposures were looooong - which meant I had to try and keep super still (not easy) - but I must say, I love the image. I also love how he compiled this banner shot which incorporates beautifully the core elements of the shoot  - well done Stuart !!

And as for our strap line "living  life simply" - well, yes, Nat cal really is about simple casual decor with interest added using a few favourite things. It genuinely is a simple approach to creating a comfortable individual home - versatile too !!

And as always, it was a fun day with lots of laughs, a nice lunch and a cold beer at the end of the day to bounce ideas and chat about the shots. And in particular, how we would compile them for future home pages.

I am truly very lucky to work with such nice and hugely creative people in a field I enjoy so much.

Take Care Everyone

Marie x