Introducing some beautiful new paintings by Nicola Baird ........


Hi All

Things have been a little bit busy in 'Natural Calico land' of late - I promise, I shall be telling you about what we have been up to soon.

But for today, I am thrilled to introduce some beautiful new paintings by Nicola.

Regular followers will have picked up that Nicola is a renowned gallery artist. Working under her maiden name, Nemec, her "core work" has appeared in several prestigious exhibitions and established galleries. Check out her website -

We were so delighted when she agreed to do a collection exclusively for Natural Calico - for which she works under her married name of Baird.

Her work is very much influenced by the St Ives style - which is best known for understated graphic shapes.

And here's the girl herself - taken when we shot her beautiful home for Country Homes and Interiors.

I absolutely love Nicola's work and have a few pieces in my own home - there is a timeless serenity that I find so easy and enjoyable to 'live with'.

Over the years, when renovating homes, most of our budgets tended to go on refurbishment costs - so if truth be told,there wasn't an awful lot left in the kitty for original artwork - and yet, once you see an original hand painted piece, it somehow brings a room "alive" in a way that prints can never quite achieve.

I love that we feature original  work by two very gifted, yet very different local artists - Nicola and Stuart - and can I just say, what a delight both are to deal with !!

What we are offering, I believe, is a very affordable opportunity to add some beautiful original work to the home - and I confess, that pleases me muchly .....

I love the tones of this new piece by Nicola

The colours are stronger than some of her previous work for us, yet the simplicity and depth are so typical of all her paintings. This is an original and can't be repeated. I love it !!

This piece is in the same theme as the earlier "White Boat and Eastern Boat" - but it is significantly larger and in square format.

This one, I find very interesting - on the one hand, it could almost be seen as being quite traditional - and yet, I could equally see it working in a more contemporary country setting .... the waves totally catch the eye !!

And this is a smaller version along similar lines - again these are originals and can't be repeated.

And last up - this one again has that wonderful simplicity that is reminiscent of St Ives style !!

A huge thanks to Nicola for doing these wonderful new paintings for us.

Well folks, I think that's all from me for now.

Catch up soon.

Marie x