Creating a "feature" with panelling - check out what our talented customers have been up to ......


Hello There

Am I the only person who is glad to get back into a normal routine - and know what day it is ??? :) :)

Anyways - today I thought it would be nice to show you what some of our very talented customers have been up to !!

I don't deny - I love older homes with period detail - ie high ceilings, deep skirting boards and much much more besides !!  

In some ways, we never thought we would ever buy a mid-century home - which is what our present home is. But all I would say is this - 'keep an open mind' - after we had renovated our present home, we both admitted that it is the most comfortable and "easy" home we have ever lived in and that we plan to stay put !!

Our big challenge with our current  home however was to add interest and "features" - inside and out. And this is why we 'went to town' on things like panelling, ceiling detail, deep architraves around windows and doors etc etc.

When we launched Natural Calico - was that really only 15 months ago ??? - I was determined to make it more than just a soulless on line store ..... through the blog, I wanted to help and inspire folk with design ideas - things that would be easily translated to many homes - regardless of the style of the home. Which all leads me nicely to the next images which I want to share with you .....

First up - this is the 'before' picture in a home owned by Mags and Ian in Scotland - having embraced the wallpaper trend a few years ago, Mags was ready for a change - she emailed me a few times about our panelling - eg did we use T&G or 'routered' MDF (we used the latter btw - simply because it doesn't expand/shrink and separate.)

And here are the "afters" of the excellent job she and her husband did .... what a transformation !!

I'm loving the crispness of the panelling against the soft grey walls ....

I think it works beautifully in the hall too .....

And here is a picture of this talented couple ...

Mags on the left with husband Ian.

 They used MDF and had the panels cut to size in their local DIY store - B&Q also provide this service.

The walls are painted in a Valspar mix called "Aged Parchment".

Great job you two :)

I shall also be sharing their beautiful kitchen and living room at some stage where they once again used panelling.

Next up is another girl, Amanda, who also went down the panelling route - I hope she doesn't mind me relaying a little of her email .....

"Just thought I would share a few photo's of my Nat Cal inspired living room ! Since reading your spread in 25 beautiful Homes, I have finally found the look for my home but couldn't quite piece together ...... keep inspiring us" .... 

Thank you so much Amanda for your lovely email - and here is her beautifully cosy and relaxed living room ..... simple, timeless, stars, lanterns, simple/clean lines ..... right up my street :

Well folks I think that's all for now ..... 

Looking back at our most popular blogs, the one that has had an unbelievable number of hits world wide, is the one about "a few of my favourite neutral paint colours" - so I promise I'll try to get another one of these out soon.

Meanwhile - I'm heading over to the "Home" trade show in London at the weekend - looking forward to saying hello to our suppliers and checking out new lines ..... and also enjoying a family get together whilst there with my big brother and his family ..... yes he of the pithy blogs - must see if he has any more for us :)


Take Care


Marie x