Our very own bedding ...... and some practical style tips for a 'well dressed' bed !!!


Hi All

I have been promising our own range of pristine white bedding for a while - and am delighted to share it with you at long last !!

Regular readers will have picked up that our look and style here in Nat Cal is all about pure/pristine white bedding - and as we always suggest ...... "create a blank canvas and add a little interest and individuality with gorgeous accessories." :)

Crisp white bedding is both timeless and sooooo lovely to sleep in - pure and simple !!! Versatile too depending how you accessorise it !!

It took me forever to source what I was looking for - I wanted the most pure white possible !!! I also wanted the range to be woven with a Matelassé  finish - but in a very simple design with straight edges (rather than scalloped).

Matelassé  is a technique btw designed to imitate the hand-stitched quilts of Marseilles.

I chose a very simple diamond weave for our range ...

Woven in Portugal, the fabric is 400 gms per sq metre and quite simply, it will last for years and years and years !!!!

And well ..... that's something that we do feel strongly about here in Natural Calico - we want our goods to last a long time and to remain timeless ...

Now then - how do I personally tend to use this bedding ??? ......

Well, in our Irish and UK climates, most of us tend to use duvets for most of the year ...... but as I blogged about one time before, much as I love immaculate pristine bedding, I absolutely don't enjoy ironing white cotton duvet covers !!!

So what I do is to simply tumble dry the duvet cover - which does actually make it lovely and soft and comfy !!!

And then I place one of these bedspreads on top.

However in our ever changing climate, there are times in the summer when a sheet and one of these bedspreads on top is the ideal solution for balmy nights !!

Large Shams

Personally I think the matching large continental pillow shams add the perfect finishing touch ...

Not only do they look good - but they are soooo comfy to prop yourself up when reading a good book.

And also ...... now then ......  I love Oxford edging on pillows and shams, but when made with typical sheeting fabric, the edging 'flops' and doesn't always look that good - whereas there is enough 'body' in these ones to sit beautifully. 

So what size of bedspread should you choose ???

Oddly enough this is a question I'm often asked when people are looking for tips on how to dress a bed.

The answer is that it all hinges on the style of your bed !!

If you have a "bed frame" style bed or even a divan with a nice upholstered base, then you don't need a large bedspread that goes to the floor - so the medium size is ideal.

But if you have a fairly basic divan and want to cover up most of the base, then the large size will work better.

Basically, our medium bedspread will fall to the floor of a standard single bed and approx 25cms from each side of a standard double - a little less with a king size obviously.

And our large one will fall to the floor of a standard double and approx 40cms from each side of a typical king size.

How to work with a divan base ....

Some people find divans more comfortable - and some find the storage in a divan base invaluable. Some divan beds now come with stylish fabric on the bases with a matching designer headboard ..... but if they don't - then how do you dress the base ????

There are of course readily available valances made from sheeting - which are fine if you are placing a full sized bedspread over the entire bed - but if I'm going to be totally honest, I don't really love these lightweight valances when they are fully visible !!!

Soooooo - this is where we offer a customised valance making service ... the difference between a valance made from sheeting and one made with much more heavyweight fabric is huge !!

 As you can see, the matching valance on this king sized bed looks really well with the medium sized bedspread.

Drop us an email if you are interested in this and we will explain about measuring, lead in times etc etc.


Needless to say, this is hugely important !!

This range is 100% pure cotton and machine washable.

You will find the fabric quite "firm" and needs a little bit of careful ironing the first couple of times you wash the items - but they soften up very quickly and become very easy to iron. It's one of those products that lasts forever and just gets better and better in time.

Well folks - I think I've said all I can about dressing a bed with pristine cotton bedding - but if you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Have a lovely weekend.

Take Care

Marie x