Behind the Scenes ........


Hi Folks

Just a very quick one from me for now ....... Himself and I are about to head over to "The Reef" (aka Tenerife) to start putting the finishing touches to our new little place there !!

Closer to home ..... I don't deny, we work pretty hard here to keep updating our stock and home pages ....... I guess we just like to "inspire" a little with our particular look and style and bring it to life in a way ....... but I think this shows how our Stuart goes beyond the call of duty at times :)

He even grew the pumpkins himself in his allotment !!! 

Oh - and btw we took this on our "swanky" new deck !!! We're thrilled with it - and looking forward to next Spring when we'll add lots of nice planters, white Hydrangeas and Adirondack chairs etc.

I'll update you later on the Reef - but for now, I just thought this would make you smile ..... we have a lovely Scottish builder, Dougie, doing some work for us over there. Now then, the bedroom is tiny - but it does have a high sloping ceiling which is nice .... so, to 'draw the eye up', I fancied the idea of creating a huge headboard using inexpensive louvre doors - kind of a plantation shutter effect ...... well, I guess there's not much call for that sort of thing in Tenerife - and what with Dougie's lovely strong Scottish accent and my dodgy hearing - well, lets just say, the end result should be "interesting" :)

Right - I'm off ...... and here's to happy pumpkin cooking, gathering, decorating from all of us in Natural Calico ......


Take Care


Marie x