Pale and Interesting ......


Hi All

As I was compiling this week's home page - the words "pale and interesting" just seemed so apt for the title of this particular blog !!!

White horizontal T&G panelling and shelves filled with favourite things - this is a look I must admit I do love !!

I particularly love Stuart's latest ....

.... isnt she soooo serene and elegant !! I am so pleased to have original artwork in our shop from such a talented guy !!

The cushions, jars and jug in the vignette are also available from our shop - but we have literally just sold the last fruit bowl.

Also on our new home page is our latest range of wash bags and make-up bags .... I just love this collection ..... funnily enough, one of the make up bags seems to have mysteriously appeared in my handbag - now I wonder how that might have happened :) Hmmmmmmm ..... I'm very naughty and really must stop pinching the stock !!

Made from 100% English linen with a unique hand pulled screen print, these are are so 'different' and stylish  .... a lovely gift perhaps ???

25 Beautiful Homes

As some of you might have picked up, as well as Nat Cal, a major part of my work is shooting homes with Ashley for the leading National and Irish Interior publications. We shot two lovely homes which appear in the current issue of 25BH .... very different styles .... and quite a lot of our product in both ....

I see they used this shot on their introductory page ..... many thanks for all the enquiries about that giant clock - I think/hope I have answered everyone !!

The large ampersand is from our shop - we do seem to have a thing for ampersands !!! And oh my - I do love those copper Tolix chairs !!!

This beautiful grey mohair throw is from Nat Cal - it is soooo luxurious .... the cream herringbone throw in the main shot is also from our shop.

A very well dressed bed !!!

Last Word

" ..... our objects .... and knick knacks say the most about who we are. They are as honest as a diary." 

Charlotte Moss

How true !!!!

Take Care Everyone

Marie x