Style tips for creating displays and vignettes .....


Hi Everyone

I have had some lovely comments about the Natural Calico site - and in particular, the styling and photography ..... a huge thank you to both Stuart and Ashley for creating such beautiful images!!

Changing an entire room is a major job - so it's not something we tackle very often. But most of us do tend to grow a bit tired of things and hanker after a little change. I've spoken many times about how cushions, throws and flowers can transform a room.

The other thing that can refresh a room is creating stylish displays - so today I thought it would be nice to share a few simple styling tips.

When creating lovely displays - start off by "shopping the house" - it's amazing how an item can look so much better in a new setting and with different things around it.

To be a little bit more specific - I have jotted down a few tips based on this image which we set up and photographed yesterday ...

  • Start from scratch - clear the decks - set your accessories to one side and build up the display gradually
  • Balance the shapes and tones - don't have all your "strong" items on one side (eg wood) and something like glassware on the other - 
  • Overlap some of the items - ie avoid having every single thing lined up in a row
  • Add texture - washed willow and distressed wood are ideal with our particular style in Nat Cal
  • Vary the heights of the items - this is one of the most important things when creating a vignette 
  • Provide a little bit of "breathing space" around some of the items - less is more sometimes
  • Add one key item that really stands out - in this case it literally is a "key item" :)
  • A little bit of greenery or flowers enhance most displays

Play about with it all - and then go away and have a coffee - return and see does the effect please you or does it need a little bit more tweaking.

Virtually all of the items shown in this display are available from our shop ...


And let's not forget Bill!!

After much searching we have found the perfect hand painted frames for Stuart's work!

I think the key is to be in the right frame of mind for "footering" and playing around with your favourite things :) If you're busy with other things and preoccupied - you won't enjoy it nor achieve the best results.

Oh - and I make no bones about the fact that this is quintessentially a girly thing - like loads of cushions on a bed, most guys don't "get it" at all - so don't expect the man of the house to come in and say - "ooooh that's a lovely display" - unless he cant find something, he might not even notice your beautiful creative efforts :)

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Right - I think that's all from me for now ...

Go forth and footer :)


Marie x