Our beautiful new Lene Bjerre Stock is now available to buy .......


Hi All

In my blog entitled 'Lagom' , I gave you a glimpse of our gorgeous new Scandi stock from Lene Bjerre.

Well, I'm delighted to say that some of it is now available in our shop :)

I genuinely love this product - it's high end - without being formal or stuffy. I have "snuck in" quite a few items in my own home - and truthfully, every single item genuinely enhances each room. 

It just works so incredibly well with our particular style here - yet it's versatile too ..... in some of the product descriptions, I hint at the sort of settings in which I feel it would work - and this often ranges from Scandi to Hamptons, to French, to Modern Country to Industrial Chic ....... and in virtually every case, I found myself using (or wanting to use) the words 'relaxed' and 'casual' and I guess for me, that's almost the ultimate accolade - as life gets busier and more frenetic, I for one, want to turn my home into a relaxed and comfortable haven.

So without further ado, here is the first of our gorgeous new Lene Bjerre stock .......


More to follow.

We have put out yet another new home page where you will see some of the items in situ.

All for now folks.


Take Care

Marie x