A beautiful throw is like a great lipstick - it makes everything look a little better !!!


Hello All

Well .....  we had a lovely holiday and are now back at base - the memories of ice cold Cerveza's at our favourite little bar are fading fast :( 

Ah well ..... time to talk about important stuff - namely more style tips :)

I have styled homes for magazine shoots for the last 12 years and I can honestly say that the three most important 'tools of my trade' are cushions, flowers and throws !! With these three simple things, it really is possible to transform any room by introducing splashes of colour, layers and texture.

Styling a home for a magazine shoot is no different in a way to a fashion shoot - no one would expect to photograph a model without make-up. So that's why, as the title suggests, I compare a good throw to a lipstick !!!

Which brings me nicely to our latest Irish throw in beautiful sky blues and sand tones ....


The interesting thing about this particular throw is that I actually bought one a few year's ago (way before Natural Calico was even a pipe dream) - specifically to use for photoshoots.

When I began sourcing lovely product for Nat Cal, I was really pleased to find that the Irish mill still weaves them ......

I just thought you might enjoy seeing how I used that particular throw in a couple of photoshoots ...

For example :-

This is a gorgeous holiday home in West Wittering, Sussex owned by PR Beth Cooper. I loved how she mixed and matched the fabric covers for the headboards. And that, in turn, was why I decided to go for mis-matched throws - variety is after all the spice of life :) 

And this is a bedroom in a stunning little French home we shot a few years ago ... located in the wonderfully named town of "Condom"!!

A good quality throw can be a fairly expensive accessory - but if you choose wisely, it is something that that is both timeless and versatile !!

Regular readers will have seen that we constantly change our home page -  we have just put out a new one .... I think this image is just so fresh for this time of year ... horizontal T&G panelling, open shelves, pitchers - these are things I love !!

I have been eyeing up the wonderful vintage style bucket and am very tempted to use one for a planter !!! (Might perhaps need to drill holes in it if I do that though ???)

Meanwhile, with all this talk of sky blues, I couldn't resist including this shot taken near Ashley's studio

And yes, I can truthfully say that I brought two of those self same towels on our recent holiday - and in fact they are whirring around in the washing machine as we speak !!

Since I discovered Hammam towels many years ago, I never bring anything else on holidays - they are so light and take virtually no space in your suit case. They were one of the first things I decided to stock in Nat Cal.

Right, I think that's me getting slowly into 'work mode' here !!  I shall be introducing our new Scandi stock over the coming week or so - so stay tuned !!

Take Care

Marie x