'Lagom' - the wonderful Scandi word for 'Just Enough' - or 'Perfect Balance'


Hello There

I don't deny, the past seven months have been pretty hectic what with launching Natural Calico whilst maintaining our "core" work - shooting homes for magazines - and also commercial hotel shoots too.

But I have tried to stand back and analyse where Natural Calico is heading - and somewhere along the line, I came upon the wonderful Swedish word 'Lagom' - which essentially means 'just enough'. The nearest word we have in the English language is 'adequate' - but this can be such a dreary word by comparison ....... whereas the clever Scandi's have elevated 'balance' to an accolade. 

'Adequate' really isn't enough - is it !!!!

It's no coincidence that my thinking here coincides with us about to launch our beautiful new stock from the very wonderful Danish Company - Lene Bjerre. I have admired this Company for many years and can't wait to show you our stunning new stock.

For example ....

 "Just enough" don't you think :)

 We shall be stocking the lovely navy and white cushions and tea lights - and we carry a range of silk Hydrangeas and pitchers.

 The Lene Bjerre cushions are beautiful - so crisp, fresh and timeless ......


 I love their earthenware bottles ..... we photographed this against pristine white panelling.

....... and this one too 

 ...... it is large enough to make a little bit of a 'statement' without being ostentatious. 'Just enough'.

If you look at our new home page, you will see some of our lovely new stock in both a kitchen setting .....

 And in a living room setting ...... (this is my own living room and kitchen - so you see, I truly believe in this style and product!!)


We shall be stocking the fab Olive Trees and Olive branches too btw as seen in both of these images !! I love to introduce a little splash of greenery in a neutral scheme. It's a great way to add a touch of contrast, texture and depth.

Some rooms need a little bit more 'filling' - whereas others suit a more 'pared down' look ...... it truly is a case of finding what is 'just enough' for you and for your home.

'Himself' and I are heading off shortly for a little break in the sun - yay !!  And when I come back I promise, we shall start downloading our lovely new Lene Bjerre stock to the site.

Right - I'm off ....... Rioja, Paella, good books and coastal walks await :)

Adios mis amigos


Marie x