Beautiful Dromoland Castle


Hi All

You might have picked up that, as well as home shoots for magazine features, we also shoot hotels ..... when Ashley first asked me to work with him on hotel shoots I truly wasn't quite sure what my role would be - but ten years on, all I can say is that there has been a massive amount of work under the bridge !!!!

Of course hotels are sitting to perfection for guests - but that might not necessarily mean that the furniture layout, styling etc etc is quite right for the camera ..... and what you see "to the eye" can be very different to how the camera sees things !!! And I guess that's where we come in - quite simply to show potential guests just how lovely the hotel actually is .......

Anyway - I thought you might enjoy seeing Ashley's blog about our recent shoot at the very beautiful Dromoland Castle - in County Clare.

Ashley's blogs are mostly about the actual shoot - no opportunity for me to hold my tummy in, put on a lippy - just sheer hard work .... would I have it any other way ...... never :)

Dromoland truly is a beautiful and very special place ..... here are just a few images we have taken there ....

Sooooo cosy and convivial  ......

This bedroom is actually in a turret .... there's "moi" awaiting the arrival of my handsome prince - ahem !!!

I think every Castle deserves a four poster bed - and I really liked how the Designer went for a softer and lighter version here !!

If you read Ashley's blog, you will see the sheer amount of effort that went into this image !!!!


Would I recommend Dromoland Castle - absolutely. It has a true sense of history and the staff are warm and helpful.Such a great place to unwind and indulge in a little bit of luxury.

Over and Out

Marie x