Making a statement ...... never be afraid to add something striking ...


Hi There

In a recent post,  I showed you a beautiful dining hall designed by the very talented Interior Designer, Sharon Cleland .....

Today, I thought you might enjoy seeing her incredibly stylish living room.

I absolutely love the architectural detail that Sharon added to this room - notably the ceiling, fireplace and wall panelling - beautiful !!

But also check out the giant clock and zebra print footstool - both of which add real visual impact to this room. The footstool, in particular, was a brave choice but it works so well !!

I also love how she introduced a little office area in the alcove. 

This image shows the impact of symmetry and balance ......

Check out how the contrasting frill on the curtains ties in so well with the scatter cushions.

And also that you don't have to have a high wall to display a giant clock !! Never be afraid to scale up !!

On the other side of the room, rather than replicating the curtain treatment, Sharon opted for plantation shutters - once again, the balance is perfect

I also love how she covered a vintage wing chair in beautiful woolen checked fabrics.

There is a large area to the rear of the room which is perfect for the baby grand ....

This music area, combined with a collection of favourite paintings demonstrates that this is a real home enjoyed by a real family .... 

To me, this incredibly stylish room combines all the key elements of good design - function, comfort and style .... finished off with a few statement pieces too !!

Sharon and I enjoyed chatting one day about our respective styles - hers is undoubtedly more' designed' and stylish than mine ...... I'm a bit more casual I guess ..... but what struck me looking at these images is that the Natural Calico style ethos can be applied and adapted to suit individual style and taste .... as we keep saying .....

"Create a light neutral blank canvas and inject interest and personality with favourite accessories and furnishings" :) 



Take Care


Marie x