Smooth Operator .......


Hello There

First off, I must apologise for not having posted anything for a little while.

I was gallivanting again !!!  

This time to wonderful Paris with my big sister and my two favourite cousins - from the minute we arrived at St Pancras (to board the Eurostar) - which incidently, is a beautiful train station and well worth a visit in itself !! Anyway - the fun and laughter started there and continued right through - what is it about 4 "girls" of a certain age - what on earth do we find to talk and laugh about for days on end - mind you, the "fine wine" might have had a little to do with it - ahem :) 

What a truly beautiful city Paris is - I even watched the movie 'Midnight In Paris' last night - just to prolong the magic of it all :)  Quite stunning !!!

Secondly I must also apologise for the fact that there are no beautiful images by either Ashley or Stuart in this post - just a few very quick snaps taken with my Ipad ......

Anyway, I wish I could say I was one of those hugely multi talented ladies who can cook like a dream, run up a pair of curtains in an evening and waltz out the door looking a million dollars etc etc etc

Dream on !!!!

Now, I think I'm maybe not too bad in the old cushion fluffing department (years of practice!!)  - but my cooking skills are well.... lets say, a tad basic !!! If it wasn't for those lovely gentlemen Mister Marks and Mister Spencer, the dish of the day in this household mightn't always be overly appetising !!!

In fact, when we were going through our house renovation period and moving at regular intervals, my big brother reckoned that I probably bamboozled M&S as to why their sales dropped suddenly in one store and rocketed in another !!! Cheeky monkey - but he might well have had a point :)

Anyways, even I can manage a Smoothie - and in fact I've even been complimented on said Smoothies - so I thought I'd share one of my faves with you - if you like your Smoothies quite rich and thick, with a strong fruity taste - but not too sweet, then read on .....


One banana and a good handful of frozen raspberries - sorry .... I'm not into measuring stuff - I'm more of a "Jamie" girl !!!

Runny honey - a wee squirt !!

Low fat Greek unsweetened yoghurt - three or four tablespoonfuls

a large glass of milk 

Method ....

1. Put some ice cubes in the blender and crunch them small

2. Bung in the banana, raspberries, honey, milk and yoghurt and blend the whole lot until smooth ....


This will make enough for two large glasses or four ones the size shown.

Deelish :)

Anyways - normal cushion fluffing service will resume shortly !! We shall be adding more of our beautiful Lene Bjerre stock to the site - so watch this space!!

Take Care

Marie x