Making an Entrance


Good Evening Folks

Isn't it lovely to see "a wee stretch" in the days as we say over here !!

I thought I would talk a little about making the most of hall ways.

For most of us, the space in our hall tends to be fairly restricted - yet to me, it's a very important part of the home .... it's the first thing you see when entering the home and therefore 'sets the scene'.

I'm going to show you a couple of halls in homes we shot for magazines - neither are spacious but each one has been maximised with carefully chosen accessories and finishes.

This is a very pretty home which appeared in Country Homes and Interiors .......

This beautiful home has more than a touch of Scandi influence - I particularly love how the white chair and splashes of pinky reds work so well with the grey painted bench and mirror. The wide plank solid oak flooring is both practical and adds warmth.

We stock a similar shabby chic style large linen cushion ...


Or if you prefer stripes, these would work well ....




Coat hooks are both stylish and useful in a hall ....

This one is available in our shop ...... ooops, the last one literally sold out a few minutes ago - I must try to source something similar.


We might also be able to source the wooden bench and mirror shown in this hall to order - feel free to drop me an email if you would like to find out more.

The second hall is actually in our last home - and it was indeed a challenge in terms of space !!



I added black and white tiles to create a feature without overpowering the space. As there wasn't room for even a narrow console table, I fitted a radiator cover - and also a large mirror to 'open out' the space.

Finding a slim candlestick lamp was important - we stock these ones in our shop .... 



Silk flowers are a great way to inject a little pop of colour - I am a fan of Hydrangeas in particular - we stock these ones ....


Candle sticks, lanterns and votives all look well in a hall - here are just a few we stock ... a little twinkle of candlelight creates a very heartsome welcome !!





So there you have it folks - never give up on a hall just because the space is tight -  nice finishes along with a few carefully chosen items can make such a difference to that all important first impression.

I couldn't help noticing my old Pashley bike propped up against the tree - I'm afraid I haven't been on it for over a year ..... I really must dust it down and hit the high roads !!! But given my present lack of fitness, perhaps it will be the low roads :)

With Love

Marie x