Picture This !!

Hello Troops

Well, by now, the Christmas decorations are well and truly back in the roof space for another year ...... am I the only one looking around their home thinking it could do with a little bit of freshening up here and there ???? .... and possibly a few new accessories to smarten things up a bit ????

Oh - and while I'm at it ..... is it just me, or is anyone else finding that - lovely though it is - the low winter sun is totally unforgiving the way it shows up dust balls and windows in need of a darned good wash ......... ah sure, tomorrow's another day :)

Anyway, as promised, we have introduced loads of new stock - no doubt I'll tell you a little bit about it all ..... but for now I thought I'd start with one of our new sections -  'Framed Prints'.

I absolutely love original artwork and was thrilled when Stuart and Nicola agreed to do gorgeous unique work for us ...... I have several pieces of their work in my own home and love them all.

A nicely framed print is just another option to add 'personality' to a room ..... it's all about how you group pictures together and how you frame them !!! I'll probably chat about this at some stage.

Anyway - I'd been looking for some time for a collection of prints - ideally something a little bit of fun ....

And quirky ....

But stylish in a way too

Something that might perhaps be a lovely present for a pussycat lover ....

Or perhaps someone who loves feisty little Scotties ....


Quirky as these are, the lovely mounts and frames do mean that they look very stylish too.

If you tootle over to our shop, you can see the full range here.

Right - I'm off to clean these windows ...... but I'll maybe have a coffee and a chocky bicky first ...... darn - that's the first of the New Year resolutions gone !!!!


Marie x