A very happy New Year from all at Natural Calico ...... and more 'musings' from my big brother Niall


Hello Everyone
It's hard to believe that 2013 is almost over !!!
Time to reflect on the good times and the not so good ....... but hopefully this little blog is a happy place to visit - a place where us girls can indulge in 'deep and meaningful' thoughts about important things that are dear to our hearts ...... like cushions and throws :)
A while back I invited my big brother Niall to give the 'male perspective' on certain such things - I gather from the many emails I received, that his piece on shoes made you smile.
Sooooo - he's at it again !!
I shall leave you in his capable hands - and all that remains is for me to wish you a very happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.
With warmest wishes
Marie x
Hello again, and welcome to another of "Niall's Occasional Nonsenses".
For those of you who are new to Marie's blog, I should explain than I am her elder brother, and every now and then, when she's really, REALLY busy (!), she ropes me in to do her job for her.
This week, feeling in a very reckless mood, I've decided to comment on a subject nearest  & dearest to her heart. Something for which she lives and breathes. Namely - cushions.
Here's a simple question for you. When you're out shopping for a new 3 piece suite, have you ever tried one out, and thought "This is probably the most uncomfortable chair I've ever sat in. Never mind, I'll buy it anyway, fill it up with two or three cushions, and it'll be as good as gold!"
If you answered yes to that question, please leave immediately, I don't want to talk to you anymore. If you were more honest, or sane as I like to call it, then of course you had to say no. What normally happens, of course, is that you bounce around on every chair into which you can fit your bum, and when you find the most comfortable one, after adjusting and compromising on colour and cost, you pick the best one you can find.
Right then, so how come as soon as you get the thing home, you decide to fill it with cushions anyway, so that one can barely fit into the damn thing. At least in your own home, himself will probably feel confident enough to just chuck the cushions on the floor, so he can get himself into the required slouching position necessary for a long hard evening of watching the telly.
But what happens when you're out visiting and the poor soul has to squeeze himself into an area about a quarter of what was designed? Why?
And don't even start me on cushions on the bed! Sorry too late, you've started me!
Those throwover things I can live with. They do look quite smart and if nothing  else, they can help keep your feet warm on a cold night. But really, in the whole history of people going to bed, has anyone NOT just chucked every single cushion onto the floor? Pointless, I'm afraid.
I think that'll do me for the moment. I'm fairly confident Marie will censor most of this heresy, so this could be the briefest blog you'll ever read in Natural Calico. But I'll be back, unless she decides to sack me!
Footnote ......
I reckon he's walking on thin ice here Ladies ....... but it is the season of good will so I'll let him off this time :) 
M x