Style tip to create a unique bedroom


Good Morning All

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break  ...... I quite like the "lull" between Christmas and New Year ..... it's so nice to laze about watching old movies without feeling guilty :)

When I was doing the Christmas decorating series, I'd planned to show you our holiday home ...... but I'm afraid I ran out of time !!!! Anyway, as I was looking at the images  - which were taken several years ago - I thought it might be nice to share a simple little idea that can really make a huge impact to a bedroom for very little outlay and effort.

Here's the main bedroom ......

Being a holiday home, I wanted to keep this room very casual - and for Christmas, I used a mixture of reds and naturals.

But the thing that I thought I'd mention here is the linen canopy above the bed. The room has no features as such so I felt it needed a little something to add depth and interest. I loved how the plantation shutters added dimension - I am a huge fan of them btw - they're quite expensive but in the right setting are definitely worth it !!!

But even after we fitted the shutters, I still felt the room needed a little something more.

Sooooo - I bought some linen, along with an adjustable cafe curtain rod (available in any big DIY store) and after an hour or two's work, the canopy was up and the room really did look more interesting/appealing.

You can experiment and adapt as you see fit but the basics are :-

  1. Hem the sides and bottom of the main part of the canopy.
  2. Decide how much of a "flap over" you would like at the top - measure and cut this section separately and hem the sides and bottom. This ensures that the hems are on the correct side.
  3. Attach the "flap over" to the main canopy. 
  4. Sew a "funnel" and slide the rod through.
  5. Fit brackets for rod - I personally prefer not to see any of the rod so I fitted the brackets right at ends - or rather I should say I asked 'Himself' to fit them - me and power tools aren't an ideal combo !!!!

For a double or king sized bed, I would suggest three widths of standard width fabric to achieve the right degree of fullness.

Funnily enough, when we were shooting new stock last week, I really liked the idea of a white linen canopy for a "dreamy" sort of feel - I used pre-washed linen for a casual effect.

 Or this is another example .... 

We don't tend to do much in the way of pattern here in Natural Calico - but sometimes a little bit of 'vintage' such as this fab floral cushion, looks really well with our pared down look. 


I know I keep going on about 'creating a blank canvas' and adding interest to suit your own personal taste and style - but these last three images show the subtle difference a few throws, lamps and cushions can make to the same setting !!

All of these cushions and lamps etc will be available in our shop early in the New Year.

Anyway folks - there you have it - a very simple and affordable idea that can give your bedroom a little bit of unique style.

Is anyone else starting to grow tired of turkey pie, sandwiches, etc etc etc :)

Hmmmmmm !!!


Marie x