How I decorated our previous homes for Christmas - Day 4


Hi Folks

I hope your "to do" lists are diminishing by the day :)

Mind you, I had an email from a good Chum which made me smile - in a stressy moment, she needed a sugar fix and opened the Christmas sweets for the bin men - and a few days later was eyeing up the ones for the postman :)

Anyway - in my last blog, I showed you a little of our cottage. Here are a few more images taken during that shoot .....

First up - the little dining area

The dining area in that house was off the kitchen and fairly 'cosy' - so I avoided anything too formal. Instead of crackers, I decorated little cardboard boxes filled with treats. Three small decorative items along the table can sometimes work better than one large centre piece - and what's more, everyone can see one another - nothing worse than trying to have a 'deep and meaningful' conversation with your fellow guests peering over a giant vase of lilies :) I also think it's nice to add bits and bobs along the windowsills at Christmas.

A quick and simple style tip ....

Adding a few baubles and a bit of greenery to a chandelier is a simple yet effective way to add a little festive spirit.

Minced pies and mulled wine .....

The old traditions are hard to beat :)

If time permits, it's lovely to add a few festive touches to the bedroom .....

As with the living room, I added splashes of red just for Christmas - and this time some navy too !! The two styles that I personally love and draw inspiration from are Scandi style and New England ...... I was clearly dreaming of Cape Cod when I was styling this one :)

We have just shot some lovely new things for the shop - some of which would suit this sort of look ......

Large linen cushion with red stripes

 Medium sized linen cushions with dark navy stripes

 Coarse hesian style cushion with writing

 Tall slim lamp with wooden base and linen shade


With one thing and another, it will probably be the New Year before we introduce all our new stock - but stay tuned as there are some really gorgeous goodies coming along - including brand new sections entitled "Dine In" and "For Her".

All is calm all is bright !!


Marie x