How I decorated our previous homes for Christmas - Day 3



Helllllloooo there !!!

Hope you are all remembering our little Christmas mantra over here in 'Natural Calico Land' - "All is calm - All is bright" !!!

Easier said than done I hear some of you mutter :) Keep smiling and just keep ticking things off that "to do" list :) And if all else fails, pour yourself a restorative glass of mulled wine at the end of the day and put your feet up !!

Anyways .....  today I thought I'd show you our cottage - we lived there for around two years - and I think we'd have stayed put in that one had there been space to build a couple of garages for our respective businesses - we both loved that wee house !!

We subsequently added a picket fence and planted white hydrangeas - it ended up looking quite "Cape Cod" style by the time we left !!

First up - the fireplace ......

For most of the year, I used light coloured/neutral accessories in that house ...... now there's a surprise I hear you say  !!!!!! But for Christmas, I introduced splashes of reds and burlap.

I always try to make a bit of an effort with the fireplace at Christmas - the bought garlands are handy but can be quite expensive. Personally I love to use lots of real greenery interspersed with lovely candles and unique bits and bobs for a more individual and "random" look.

For example, some of these unusual items would work well on a fireplace :-

A large Trojan Horse

Tea Light with a Victorian House in Front

Large White Distressed Wooden Star

(All of these items are available from our shop)

Next up - I introduced a few little Christmas touches on the console table ......

Why not rummage in your kitchen cupboards and use things like a cake stand or a bowl to display decorations and presents !!!

A cake dome is lovely with baubles or ribbon.

Or why not use a large bowl for presents - perhaps a nice alternative to crackers.


(these are also available from our shop)

And now for the staircase ...... and yip that's yours truly !!

Again, rather than expensive garlands, try weaving greenery mixed with favourite decorations through the bannisters !!!

I should perhaps explain that virtually all of the Editors insist on a person shot for magazine features. In this case, I seem to recall  the conversation with Ashley went like so ....

"So where do you want me to sit then Ashley - on the chair perhaps " ??? To which he replied ...

"That looks like a nice cushion that readers might be interested in - sit on the stairs so as you can see the cushion properly" !!!!!!!!

So there you have it folks - I played second fiddle to a cushion ..... story of my life :)

Talking of star cushions - thank you all so much for your patience with the grey star cushions - I am assured by our supplier that they will be back in next week !!

Coming up next - Day 4 !!!

Marie x

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Australian House Beautiful

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