How I decorated our previous homes for Christmas - Day One


Well Hello There

Now then - you might have picked up that as well as starting up Natural Calico, we also shoot homes for most of the major National publications.

You might also have picked up that our style ethos here is all about creating a blank canvas and filling it with lovely things that demonstrate your individual style and personality - and most importantly, that reflect the character of the home itself.

Soooooo - I decided I'd better "put my money where my mouth is" as it were - so over the coming weeks, I thought I'd show you a few shots we took for Christmas magazine features in our previous and current homes.

I should perhaps explain that Himself and me caught the renovation bug for a few years - so we moved rather a lot !!! But you know what - it's hard work moving house - we're nice and comfy in our current home (which I shall be showing you soon) we're definitely staying put this time !!!! Apart from anything else, my big sister has asked us to please stop moving as she has no space left in her address book for us :)

Anyways - first up .......

Victorian Semi

This was a pretty major renovation - and I'll probably chat about that side of it at some stage but just for now - here goes..... 

It was quite a narrow hall so I decided to give it a bit of style and oomph with a radiator cover and black and white tiles.  With just a few wee festive bits and bobs, my aim was to give a welcoming Christmas feel without over powering the space.

The living/dining room in that home had a lovely feel - it wasn't actually a huge room - but to me, it had a natural elegance that is so unique to period homes.  Because of the high ceilings, I actually felt it could handle quite a big tree - especially with the decorations being quite neutral.

An early morning glass of fizz on Christmas morning is just the ticket - after that, it's usually a case of .... " if the gravy is a wee bit lumpy - so what " :)


The velvet cushion is quite "glam" compared to my usual style - but hey, surely a girl is allowed a bit of velvet and sparkle at Christmas !!!!

Again - I followed through with white and silver tones when decorating the mantle.

I always try to keep curtains quite understated and not too 'interior designed' looking - so the charcoal check fabric from Laura Ashley was right up my street !! I painted the little vintage table in Farrow and Ball 'Hardwick White'.

A willow star - now there's a surprise !! I do seem to have a bit of a thing about stars !!

It wasn't a big table so I kept the setting pretty simple but added texture and depth with washed willow servers.

Well folks that's it for now - next up, I'll show you the kitchen and bedroom in that house. 

Marie x

  • This home appeared in :-
  • 25 Beautiful Homes
  • Country Homes and Interiors
  • Ireland Homes Interiors and Living
It also appeared in magazines in Italy, Sweden and Romania


PS It often amazes me when our homes are so heavily featured - truthfully, I don't ever spend a fortune on decor and furnishings - I think what appeals to Editors is that the style is genuinely attainable and affordable - and hopefully timeless too !!

 PPS If you are interested in having your home featured in a magazine, visit our site