Sold Out?.........Sales have hugely exceeded our expectations !!!!!!


Good Evening Folks

This is is just a quick little blog by way of explanation.

We take pride in the fact that Natural Calico is a boutique offering a friendly and personal service - our goal is to make online shopping as enjoyable as browsing through your favourite little shop.

You may have noticed that some of our stock is sold out - it's literally just over two months since we launched and truthfully, we've been amazed and delighted in equal measure at the wonderful reaction - thank you to all our lovely customers for that :)

The reason we're leaving the sold items on the site is to let you see as full a picture as possible in terms of what you can expect from Natural Calico.

If you've spotted something you like that's sold out - please accept our apologies but do please let us know and we shall do our very best to either re-order the item or try to find something similar.

Thank you again

All for now

Marie x

These are just a few examples of our most popular items and what the current position is.

 Woolen Star Cushion

These have been re-ordered and should be back in within the next fortnight or so.

 Charcoal Check Woolen Throw 

We have also re-ordered these.

 Grey Lamp & Shade

Unfortunately we haven't been able to get more of these but have ordered some that are very similar

 White Hare 

Lots of enquiries about this lovely painting and indeed others by Stuart - we have five new paintings by Stuart coming up very soon so watch this space!

White Bedspread

We have only the king sized ones left - the smaller size is no longer available but we will be trying to source something as close as possible.

And finally finally - I would just like to thank everyone for all the lovely emails and comments - I particularly liked this one from Helen - it's so nice to receive this sort of feedback - many thanks Helen :)

 Hi Marie

I just wanted to let you know my lamps and oil/vinegar set arrived and they're absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  I cannot believe how reasonable the lamps are, they're a really good size and for lamps of this quality you'd expect to pay a lot more.  I saw your beautiful house featured in a magazine, loved it, we have similar style and taste, and saw that you had a lot of items from "Natural Calico" not realising it was your company. Your website is amazing your products are fantastic and I shall be ordering lots more!  I've already started to spread the word among my friends on how great your stuff is The postcard and guest soap was a really nice touch too, thank you.....

Great products, great service, great prices, what more could you ask for!

Best wishes