Ideas for a unique 'home office' ....... and a big thank you to all you folk who have visited our site - ...... we have reached the 5,000 mark !!!


Hello Folks

Well, I'm back at base here having had a wonderful winter break in the sun - t'was just fab !!

Many thanks for the lovely emails and feedback about our newly introduced Christmas collection - and can I just say how delighted we are that in just a little over two months, over 5,000 people have now visited our site !!!

We were shooting some very unique new stock yesterday - more to follow ...... but this is just a little preview ...... 

I confess, I love to create desk areas in the home that don't feel too functional or "officey" - so I always try to store the "sensible stuff" out of sight - and then have a working area that's individual and filled with unique bits and bobs that make me feel happy :)

I set up this little area to display some of our new stock - and really just to show that when you're filling in your tax return (or some such tedious job) - it's so much nicer when you're surrounded with gorgeous stuff :) A nice cuppa and a chocky bikky help too !!!!!!

In this case I went for a vintage sort of look - incorporating items which are available or will very shortly be available in our shop ... this is a classic case of showing how our Natural Calico style ethos works - create a blank canvas and fill it with interesting items that you happen to love - inject your own personality and style!!!

I know ........ I can't seem to resist huge vintage letters and giant Ampersands :)

I have a wee thing about vintage typewriters too :)

How pretty is this girly !!!!! And be sure to look at the shadow created by Ashley's wonderful lighting - we both smiled at the resemblance to Queen Victoria !!!!

We sold out of our first batch of these seed boxes but thankfully have been able to source more - this latest batch is darker but no less nice for that !!

I gather that some of our recent orders have been for Cristmas presents - so on that note, I had a "bit of a think" about items that might make a lovely present .......

1. "Eastern Boat" - Original by Nicola Baird

I love Nicola's work - it is so tranquil and serene.

2. Cream and Grey Checked Throw 

What's not to love about top quality pure wool throws :)

3. White hand made pottery pitcher

Hand made white pottery ....... to me, it's such an understated and informal look !!!

5. "Roy" - Original Painting by Stuart McNamara

I also love Stuart's work - his characters always make me smile.

I know I'm probably a bit biased but I for one, would be over the moon to find any of these under the Christmas tree :)

Coming up soon ....... our next blog will be about the time we shot Duncan Banatyne's villa in Cannes for the BBC - t'was good craic - stay tuned :)

Right - I'm off !!!!

Marie x