Surrey Barn.

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This beautiful barn conversion in Surrey, UK, is owned by Beth Cooper and her husband.  

Beth has superb design flair and I'm planning to share ore of this gorgeous home in our Blog.

But for now, I simply wanted to show the appeal of comfortable and practical seating arrangements. Get it wrong and people won’t feel relaxed. Get it right people will feel comfortable – conversation will flow and there is somewhere to set the drinks. The devil is in the detail, after all!

Try not to have chairs in your main seating area more than about eight feet apart. A simple thing I do when mapping out an empty room is to cut newspaper to the size of furniture and set it down – you will soon get the feel of scale. That sofa you loved in the huge showroom might actually end up dwarfing your space – or equally a coffee table you had your heart set on might be a bit on the skimpy side!


This home appeared in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine.